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Der Spartan Trader FX System Mitglied seit Mai 2012 5 Beiträge Mein Name ist Nikos Mermigas und ich handele mit den Finanzmärkten (Forex, A... Tag Archives: Nikos Mermigas 8211 Der Spartan Trader Forex System 2010 Spartan Bolt EA gehört zu den bekanntesten sowie beliebten Devisenbe... 21 Wichtige Lektionen aus 10 Jahren Forex Trading Von: Nikos Mermigas Forex Trader, Nikos Mermigas der spartanischen Forex Trader Academy d... Nikos Mermigas (1972-2018) the founder of the Nikos Trading Academy. He worked as a musician and music teacher for over 15 years before trading became part of his live. The musician part was a bit tough and he wanted more time & money to enjoy real freedom. He jumped into trading without skills and knowledge and he lost all his savings with Sep 25, 2012 2:26 am Post 1 Der Spartaner Trader FX System Mein Name ist Nikos Mermigas und ich trage seit 1999 Finanzmärkte (Forex, Aktien... I like Nikos, he has a very thorough down to earth approach with regards to trading, and is a good teacher. All his strategies are very simple but he is a not just a trader but also a marketer of trading services. He is a shining light amongst all the complex mumbo jumbo trading nonsense out there and I am sure many traders are pleased to find him and his material to guide a path and learn Nikos Mermigas. CEO / Founder - Simple Smart Forex . I am trading since 1999 and after almost 18 years of personal trading experience I can't put enough emphasis on this one fact; Long term trading success is guaranteed only when approached and managed in a smart but simple way! I know that over - complicating things won't work for long and that's the reason I created this program for you! I

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