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I'm a strategy lover and it's a real problem now

Hi everyone,
I have been learning about Forex for almost 2 years now.
But I have a real problem. I am a strategy lover. I hop from one strategy to another due to various reasons.
How it works: 1. I find a strategy 2. I fall in love with it 3. I learn about it, backtest it, demo trade it, etc. 4. I find something to nitpick 5. Leave the strategy and go back to point 1
In the past 2 years, I must have burned through over 20-30 strategies. I have gone through scalping, swing trading, full discretionary trading, full system based trading, half discretionary and half system based strategies, etc
I just can't seem to stick with a strategy after the honeymoon phase. Either I get tired of the strategy, or backtesting reveals it isnt profitable, or it too discretionary, or it is too system based, etc.
Once again, I left another strategy and am going back to point 1, finding a new strategy. I found a new strategy, which is the one posted by ParallaxFX. Already 2 people have backtested it and it was profitable. But even with this information, I know that I will go through the strategy, I will love it at first, I will test, then ultimately I wont stick with it and then leave it and then go back to point 1.
I like the fact it is mostly a system based strategy and lately I have tested a lot of strategies that are 50% system based and 50% discretionary. The only thing I have learned so far is that I would probably be more comfortable trading a system based strategy rather than a full discretionary one.
This is a big issue for me always and I dont know how to overcome it. It was fine in the beginning because I was a new trader and to go through strategies is just part of trading in the beginning. But now it's been almost 2 years and I have to admit now that I have a real problem that needs to be addressed. Otherwise at this rate, I will still be doing this in 5-10 years.
It seems like most people find a strategy and stick with it, but then struggle with risk management. But I'm stuck at the strategy part and I cant progress.
How do I overcome this? What steps can I take so this doesn't happen? Do I need a mentor at this point?
Any help is welcome!
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Different Categories of Magic Spells #lovespells

Several clients ask me what the different categories of magic spells there are. There are several but I have narrowed down to the most frequently asked about, although this lengthy article is not all of them. Basically, there are various types of magic spells that you can choose from. Among these are Angel spells, Black Magic spells, Love Spells, Wealth Magic, Xaos, White Magic Spells, Hermetic Magick and Djinn/Demons/Genie.
You can view all of the lists here:

Magic Spell Categories

  1. Angel spells | Angel Spells List


  1. Djinn/Demons/Genie | Djinn Spell List

  1. Black Magic Spells | Black Magic Spells List
The Black Magic Spells is made up of those spells meant for revenging, stealing a partner from another person or to fix or coercively force someone out of a circumstance. The black magic spells comprise of Andras, Andromalius, Black Magick Love Spell, Banish Spell, Demonic Possession, Break-Up Spell, and Infernal Princes of the Hell Love Spell, Destroy an Adversary, Revenge Spell, Necronomicon Black Magic Spell and Steal a Mate. Notably, Black Magic Spells are spells performed for your own good. For instance, in case you desire someone who also belongs to another person, you will need to use Steal a Mate spell to steal them. Another spell like Destroy an Adversary can be used to remove or destroy an opponent or rival for your own good e.g. for love, business or any other gains.

  1. Hermetic Magick | Hermetic Magick Spells List
Hermetic Magick is an essential spell for bringing precisely the sort of power you desire in your life. The energies may include:


  1. Love spells | Love Spells List
These spells are for anyone (both genders) whose heart is focused on someone.

  1. Wealth Magic| Money Spell List

  1. White Magic Spells | White Magic Spell List
The White Magic Spells entails any spell that is about helping oneself or even people. The spells in this category are:

  1. Xaos Magic | Chaos Magic And Izabael Specialized Spells
This is a list of spells comprising of at least 14 specialty spells or some offers that might be available. The highest rated spells in the category are: Chaos Magick Servitor (demons build from scratch), IZABAEL Invocation, Increased Psychic or Astral Ability level 1 and 2, Custom Money or Wealth Spell, Succubus (for seducing men), Custom Curse Spell etc.
You may need any of these spells if you have a special case requires a customized solution.
Want Izabael To Cast a Spell For You?
Visit My Magick Spell Shop

Magic Spells by Izabael DaJinn

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Kari Jobe - Only Your Love (Live) - YouTube

Watch it on Indie Film Hustle TV 👉 IFHTV in honored to present the multi-award winning indie film gem For Lovers Only directed by The Po... Provided to YouTube by Rhino Atlantic For Lovers Only · Chuckii Booker Niice 'N Wiild ℗ 1992 Atlantic Recording Corporation, a Warner Music Group company Wri... Download link La película más romántica que he visto en mi vida :) Mis otrs canales: 1. 2. Slow Jam Remix For Lovers Only - BY ( DJ KHEM ) 2019 Please Subscribe For More Videos :) Esta melodia la habia estado buscando en internet por mucho tiempo y hace poco la encontre asi que la comparto con todos ustedes, solo la habia encontrado en... some of the most beautiful and unforgettable love songs in the 70's, 80's and 90's "a DJ's mix" part 1/5 Maxwell- For Lovers Only with lyrics Official Live Video for “Only Your Love” by Kari Jobe Subscribe to Kari Jobe on YouTube: Stream or download Kari's new al... Note from Brandi This video has nothing to do with Castle,.... this is a tribute to a film of Stana's!! I dont understand why people would dislike something ...